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How to avoid the most common mover mistakes?

In this article will be summarized the most common mistakes that Americans make during the moving period. Moreover, there will be summaries of tips which will help you to avoid inconveniences and stress occasions. Let’s start from the very beginning! 

Come up with a “packing plan” in advance. Yet, it sounds obvious to people with some past experience of moving, still, many Americans believe they will manage it in a week or something. Unfortunately, it is not so easy as it may look first. For sure, there are moving companies that offer packaging service, but if you wish to save some money, better to do it by yourself.  Okay, when to start planning? Recommended a month before. Additionally, by preparing the packaging process you also filter items which you might not want to see in your next place, and you make sure by your own all possible safety issues (appropriate packaging materials, etc.). This process could and have to be fun, rather than stressful and nerve-wracking. 

Two more “pack and move” recommendations …

If the paragraph above convinced you to package your stuff by your own, then there are a few more important things to know. Organize a spreadsheet of boxes. You will have dozens of boxes which might be easily messed up, lost by the moving company, or they can create chaos in your new place. So, what to do exactly? Name your boxes with letters and numbers. For instance, “K1” could include kitchen supplies, whereas “B1” some bedroom items. It is simple to manage it and extremely helpful for the sustainable and calm moving experience. Finally, don’t forget to wrap each and every breakable item. Do not leave any chances for movers to break your lovely dishes! 

When you finally decide to move, there is one final recommendation. Better call trusted moving companies within your region. Why? First of all, they provide insurances (are licensed and insured) and care about their reputation. Secondly, they are experienced enough to make it quick and professional.

The long story short. Moving is not something stressful if you prepare the plan a month before, clearly organize each and every step, and call a reliable moving company. Lastly, responsive moving companies will provide you with more detailed instructions and recommendations.  

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