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How to choose the right moving company in Pittsburgh?

Why would you trust your most precious items to the people you don’t know? Because you have to! You have to find a reliable moving company within Pittsburgh which will do their job professionally. So, it’s truly important to make a little research on the market of moving companies, study their offers, reviews of movers, and spend some time evaluating options. This article will help you to navigate through the most significant steps to be done while choosing the right moving company! 

Google all popular moving companies 

Planning and organizing a move requires a lot of time and energy. You should probably want to learn at least about 10 companies within Pittsburgh which offer a moving service. It is simple to do it with Google, so just search for moving service and you will have your top-10 list. 

What you shall do with this list? Well, first of all study their webpages, read the reviews, and desirably call to discuss the details. Half of this list will be eliminated after you try to arrange a move to the specific date. Indeed, moving companies mention their availability, still if you want to schedule a move for weekends, you will definitely not succeed with it. Moving companies usually are overwhelmed and have a schedule for two weeks ahead, so it is always better to call them first.

TIP:  Some top moving companies in Pittsburgh (e.g. Prime Moving Center) have a wonderful option which allows clients to estimate the price and find an available spot online. It saves a lot of time and creates an opened relationship between parties. 

Make online research on moving services

Prime Moving Center, Pittsburgh, mover, movers, moving company, pittsburgh moves

After you find companies which are available for your moving date, start the online research. Analyzing reviews and webpages are important since you may find something which can motivate you to choose a specific company. But be aware of fake negative reviews. If you find 10 positive and 2 negative, then probably this is just the competition between moving companies in Pitssburgh on the market. On the contrary, if a company publicly allows leaving feedback, then this only confirms its friendly status.

TIP: Try to compare the number of reviews and comments on YELP and Google simuntaniusly. If the number and general trend is similar, then feel free to trust this company. For example, if you check such tendency of reviews with Prime Moving Center on YELP and Google, you will see a positive correlation.

Finally, searching for many options opens you a scope of different alternatives, so you can evaluate them. Still, want to know more? Call them and check their client’s service! If you see that the company is opened and you enjoyed communicating with clients support, then just don’t waste your time and book a move. 

Do your due diligence as a mover

Decide what is more important to you. A friendly service, or just quick moving? Safety and reliability, or cheap prices? Moving is always a stressful experience because you might be worried about your items and other things. Make sure your moving company will not make this experience even worse. Prices must be reasonable but probably not the cheapest in Pittsburgh, and the same with clients service. Make your top-10 list and carefully evaluate all possible options!  

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