This post reflects on some things to consider while moving during COVID-19. These include the packing/preparing stage of moving, moving day, and the effects one may experience in their new home. I will describe the areas to consider as they relate to the movers and their loved ones, their belongings, and their new house or apartment.

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the routines and conditions in the lives of young and old all over the world. These changes range from small to enormous, and many regular life activities have been halted or shifted dramatically. As some of you may be experiencing, the moving process is one of these activities. At Prime Moving Center, we are not medical experts, but we are moving experts. Following are the suggestions and tips we have for you to make any necessary moves during COVID-19 as safe and effective as possible. If you are seeking more general advice about how to stay safe and to “flatten the curve” during this incredible time, there are certified resources for you at and other medically reputed sources.

Before you begin, verify that you are allowed to move at this time. Check with local jurisdictions at your current residence and wherever you plan to move to, making sure you are legally permitted to move in those areas during pandemic. If yes, you may evaluate if moving is necessary and safe for you and your loved ones at this time. If you determine that there are options for you to postpone moving, Prime Moving Center will be here for you when you are ready!

If you must move now, it is time to consider your resources for a safe and secure move during COVID-19. We are available to you now, operating all services at lower rates than our usual, reasonable charge. We are here to help you and make your move as low-stress as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about your move, you may always contact us and we will strive to provide answers and support.

Once you have committed to moving, you and your family must begin preparing for this change. Consider how you can stay safe as you get ready. Are you or members of your household children, elderly people, or others in the risk group? Communicate with your health professionals about how to best protect everyone in your move. Plan ahead to consider whether you may need services like childcare on the day of move-out, and arrange them in advance. Contact your new landlord or property owner and find out in detail how the property has been cleaned and cleared since its former residents left.

When you have your loved ones taken care of, your belongings are the next priority. As you are packing, you may find there are items you do not intend to bring to your next move. Many donation drop-offs are not operating at this time, so it may benefit you to contact a ‘junk’ removal company to help out. This can prevent extra hauling for you while continuing to protect the public. As with all moves, it is wise to make sure your most precious valuables are insured, written down as inventory, and packed with care. Disinfect and properly pack commonly used items. It’s a good idea to keep some spare wipes or disinfectant spray on hand as you work through this. There are many universal cleaners you can make yourself with items you may already have! This precaution can protect you, your loved ones, and your movers.

On the day of your big move, you should use universal precautions to keep things running smoothly. These include limiting the amount of people at your move, washing hands often, wearing masks, and frequently disinfecting surfaces and objects. Doing so will prioritize your own safety and the health of those around you. As this is a rather stressful time for many people, remember to stay calm and collected during the added pressure of moving day. We are here to make things better for you!

When you arrive at your new home, be sure to meet these same standards for sanitizing as you move in and get settled. Frequently used surfaces and items, such as cell phones and door knobs, should be regularly cleaned. Once again, this effort will contribute to the health and security of everyone involved. If you have any worries or questions for your moving day, feel free to reach out and we will do what we can to assist you during this difficult time. Prime Moving Center is here for you!

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