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Pack and move with pets: TOP tips

Moving is a stressful time, so pets can make it better or even worse. What things to consider if you plan to pack and move with a pet? There are no universal solutions, but we summarized what people tell us and how do they describe their experience. Consider the following tips and your move will be joyful!

Take care of overnight kit before moving company will come

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Preparing enough dog food and kitty litter is a good idea. Experienced moving companies recommend people and their movers to organize it in advance. It reduces stress, saves time, and makes your dog or cat less worrying about new people at home. 

Don’t forget to contact your vet while moving

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People frequently forget about contacting vets to collect records and prescription medications. But this is important, right? Plus, ask your vet to recommend you another one in your new neighborhood. Note: there are a lot of affordable

While the actual move, keep your pets away 

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Moving companies usually suggest people leave pets in friends or neighbors (if we talk about a big move). Indeed, it is not something obligatory, so leaving a pet just in the quiet spot is enough. By the way, make sure your pet feels comfortable because having so many pack and move actions at your home is a stress for them too. 

Take your pet inside your car

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Dogs and cats can be put in your vehicle, so they can feel happy while moving with you. Yet, many people ask moving companies to take care of them but this is not welcomed since it creates many troubles. 

What do movers suggest? 

Summing up, all pets are jittery about the move. Guinea pigs can even have heart attacks because of changes. Take care of them! Make sure your pets have enough food, a comfortable spot, and a little bit of your attention. So, again, dedicated planning reduces uncertainty and increases joyful environmental conditions.

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