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Top 5 things people forget to pack while moving

You will be shocked by the following list! If you consider packing process prearranged and organized, then you are absolutely wrong. People in stress forget the most valuable items they might have. Here is the top-5 list reported by moving companies and a few recommendations which will help you in packing time. 

  • Important documents 
Prime Moving Center, mover, movers, moving company

Experienced movers suggest preparing a binder and place inside all essential documents. Yet, it sounds obvious for organized folks but, still, many people in stress by movers forget even passports. So, double-check your personal documents, house credentials, car IDs, and some other important documentation. Moreover, place them together in a binder and always keep in mind about that.

  • Medicines 
Prime Moving Center, mover, movers, moving company

People say it’s something basic and so important that they will never forget about it. But it’s not true actually. Why it happens, your moving companies can’t say but they do recommend to remember about it. Here is a cool tip! While packing everything, you can check the expiration dates of all medicines, so you can dispose of unwanted pills. 

  • Toiletries and shower curtains   

You can find in many blogs for movers that a lot of people while pack and move process simply ignore shower curtains. The explanation is simple. Your shower curtain will simply be hanging there in the bathroom while you will be busy about “other important items”. Next, you come to your new place and realize that you need something to hang in the bathroom. So, never forget such a thing. Plus, it is recommended to check all other toiletries that you might leave on the shelf. 

  • Dry cleaning 

It is also a very common thing that most of the people forget. Make sure that if you have laundry or dry cleaning tickets around you make sure to recover all your clothes and not leave them behind. Well, while leaving your home, double-check such kind of things!

  • Household plants 

Other typically forgotten items reported by packers are household plants. Sometimes moving companies will help people with that and remind to put them inside a truck. Nevertheless, better to take care of them before. 

General recommendation to all people who pack and move

Prime Moving Center, mover, movers, moving company

Out of the list above, you can see that the most visible (and probably obvious) items are usually forgotten by people. The best suggestion for you is to keep your mind fresh while moving and double-check everything. Think about everything and make your moving time relaxed!

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